Amy Walters en 'Nordic Cool' Illuminates D.C.'s Kennedy Center What is Nordic cool?<p>Right now, it's a <a href="" target="_blank">massive festival at the Kennedy Center</a> in Washington, D.C., with artists and designers displaying art and culture from their very top sliver of the globe.<p>The festival arrives at what seems like just the right moment for Americans.<p>From the Danish modern furniture of the 1950s to the omnipresence of Ikea, Americans have long been attracted to the austere design of Nordic countries.<p>We shop at H&M and we've read Stieg Larsson's <em>The Girl with the Dragon Sat, 23 Feb 2013 10:31:00 +0000 Amy Walters 9585 at 'Nordic Cool' Illuminates D.C.'s Kennedy Center This Defense Contractor Has A Green Side Lots of companies make products that don't have much in common, but AeroVironment specializes in two products that are <em>very</em> different — electric vehicle chargers, which keep cars like the Nissan Leaf on the road, and military drones. The Los Angeles-area firm is a leading manufacturer of small unmanned aircraft.<p>This unusual company was the creation of one unusual individual, Paul MacCready. He loved things that fly. Tue, 22 Jan 2013 08:41:00 +0000 Amy Walters 8567 at This Defense Contractor Has A Green Side