Mark Parkinson en Mo. House endorses English-only driver's exams <p>The <a href="">Missouri House</a> has given first-round approval to <a href=";year=2012&amp;code=R">legislation</a> that would require driver&rsquo;s license exams be given only&nbsp;in English.</p><p>Currently, the state of Missouri provides the written driver&rsquo;s exam in English and eleven other languages.&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=";district=016">House Member&nbsp;Mark Parkinson </a>(R,&nbsp;St. Charles) says his bill follows the spirit of the state constitution&rsquo;s mandate that public proceedings be conducted in English. Tue, 21 Feb 2012 02:56:10 +0000 Marshall Griffin 3105 at Mo. House endorses English-only driver's exams