en Missouri budget stalemate continues <p>The&nbsp;<a href="">Missouri House </a>and<a href=""> Senate </a>are still at an impasse over next year&rsquo;s state budget.</p><p>The Senate has made no progress on persuading<a href=""> Jason Crowell&nbsp;</a>(R, Cape Girardeau) to stop blocking every bill in the Senate, including one to fund veterans&rsquo; homes.&nbsp;&nbsp;He says he has no objections to transferring gaming revenues from early childhood programs to nursing homes for military vets, but he won&rsquo;t allow it or any other bill to advance unless the House strips more than $2 million&nbsp;in extra funding&nbsp;from<a href=""> Southeast Missouri State University</a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">President Pro-tem Rob Mayer </a>(R,&nbsp;Dexter)&nbsp;says other Senators have sided with Crowell on the issue. Tue, 08 May 2012 23:39:35 +0000 Marshall Griffin 3657 at Missouri budget stalemate continues