Max & Louie Productions en Preview: 'Quills' Looks At 1800s France, 1990s America <p><em>This interview will be on "Cityscape" at noon Friday; this story will be updated after the show. You can <a href="" target="_blank">listen live</a>.</em></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Playwright Doug Wright believes&nbsp;1800s&nbsp; France and 1990s America had a lot of similarities, and addressed them in "Quills."&nbsp;</span></p> Thu, 24 Jul 2014 22:30:00 +0000 Erica Smith 38303 at Preview: 'Quills' Looks At 1800s France, 1990s America Max And Louie Productions Stages 'The Lyons' <p>Most dramas centered on death and dying are tragedies. But not Nicky Silver's "The Lyons." Instead, it is a dark comedy that finds humor in the death of a family's patriarch.&nbsp;</p><p>"A death in the family doesn't automatically bring out the best in people, but it brings out the best in Nicky Silver's writing," said Stellie Siteman, actress and artistic director of Max and Louie Productions.</p><p>The theater company opens a staging of "The Lyons" next Friday at COCA's Black Box. The play contains obscenities and is best for an adult audience.</p> Sat, 10 Aug 2013 00:47:07 +0000 Camille Phillips 28929 at Max And Louie Productions Stages 'The Lyons' Max & Louie Productions’ ‘Mrs. Mannerly’ <p>In the late 1960’s while playwright Jeffrey Hatcher was growing up in Steubenville, Ohio, he took a manners class.&nbsp; Decades later, it served as the inspiration for his comedy, “Mrs. Mannerly.”&nbsp; He even used his own name for one of the two main characters.&nbsp; The other character is Mrs. Mannerly, the teacher of an etiquette class.</p><p>Set in Hatcher’s hometown in 1967, the plot of “Mrs. Mannerly” revolves around student Jeffrey Hatcher’s goals of being the first to achieve a perfect score in the etiquette class while also uncovering the mystery surrounding his teacher.</p> Sat, 18 May 2013 01:37:02 +0000 Mary Edwards & Alex Heuer 26516 at Max & Louie Productions’ ‘Mrs. Mannerly’