Jelly Roll Morton en Classical Themes In Jazz-Part 2 <p>Jazz Unlimited for October 13 will be “Classical Themes in Jazz-Part 2.” There are a lot of connections to jazz from classical music.&nbsp; Most of today’s musicians are as well versed in classical music as in jazz.&nbsp; Since the beginning, classical themes have crept into the jazz lexicon.&nbsp; The show will feature themes by Bach, Ravel, Brahms, Lizst, Mozart, Lehar, DeFalla, Chopin, Scarlatti, Johan Strauss, Verdi, Gershwin, Vaughan-Williams, Rachmaninoff, Offenbach, Dvorak, and Ravel.&nbsp; The musicians include “Hot Lips” Page, the Nat “King” Cole Trio, Art Tatum, The Gerald Wilson Sun, 13 Oct 2013 16:07:57 +0000 Dennis Owsley 30621 at Classical Themes In Jazz-Part 2