St. Louis on the Air
1:55 pm
Wed January 28, 2015

Listening Project Leaders Share Their Goals

The Listening Project

Earlier this week, St. Louis Public Radio launched The Listening Project, which will examine health, education and economic disparities in St. Louis’ African-American communities.

The Listening Project is based on For the Sake of All, a study that made five recommendations to improve the health and well-being of St. Louisans. The recommendations were made before the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

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Race In Corporate America
1:47 pm
Wed January 28, 2015

Working While Black: For One Man, Corporate America Is About Competition, Not Race

Instead of focusing on race in the workplace, Gene R. Todd believes one’s energy is better spent on being better than the competition.
St. Louis Public Radio | Wendy Todd

This is the first of a three-part series of personal essays exploring the experiences of three African Americans in corporate America.

For many, being black in corporate America is akin to playing professional football in the mud ... with no helmet ... wearing Keds.

It can be a head-spinning experience, rife with racial and political pitfalls that center around one thing that cannot be changed: race. These racial issues can impact a person’s career trajectory, earning potential and overall security of one’s life.

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Politics & Issues
1:45 pm
Wed January 28, 2015

Urban League Creates Job-Training Program To Address Issues Raised By Ferguson

Mike McMillan, president and CEO of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, talks to 'St. Louis on the Air' host Don Marsh on Wednesday at St. Louis Public Radio in St. Louis.
Jason Rosenbaum St. Louis Public Radio

The Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson changed everything.

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The Texas Room
11:14 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Album Breaks Down Barriers In Language And Musical Tradition

Part of Adria and Her Treasures record "Unde Dragoste (Where Love)?" for The Texas Room
Credit Willis Ryder Arnold/St. Louis Public Radio

Local music producer and sound engineer Louis Wall thinks challenging area international and local musicians to produce a collaborative album will help push artists beyond their social boundaries. 

“I kind of like that element of putting people out in their own place - if you stick with someone else’s culture then you might realize ‘I’ve got one too and I need to discover what that is and where I come from,’” said Wall.

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Women's Health
10:13 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Study: Missouri's Unintended Pregnancy Rate Is Dropping

A new report shows Missouri's unintended pregnancy rate has dropped. Some researchers say it could be due to increased usage of long-lasting contraceptives like IUDs.
Credit (Via Wikimedia Commons/Victor byckttor)

A new study released Monday shows Missouri saw a significant decrease in unintended pregnancies in recently measured years.

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Politically Speaking
9:47 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Politically Speaking: Sen. Schaefer On Budgets, Ferguson Unrest & AG Run

Credit Marshall Griffin, St. Louis Public Radio

This week’s edition of Politically Speaking uses the magical power of radio to speak with Sen. Kurt Schaefer from his office in Jefferson City. 

The Columbia Republican chairs the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, which makes him one of the most influential figures in the budget-crafting process. He’s also chairing a special committee looking into Gov. Jay Nixon’s performance during the unrest in Ferguson.

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Human Trafficking
9:32 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Bills To Combat Human Trafficking Filed In Missouri Legislature; Passed By U.S. House

Secretary of State Jason Kander unveils proposal to expand the Safe at Home program to victims and survivors of human trafficking.
Credit Mo. Secretary of State's office

The fight against sex trafficking is being waged in Jefferson City -- and Washington, D.C. Closer to home, the Missouri legislature is considering bills to allow victims of human trafficking to shield their home addresses from the public. And, in the nation's capital, the U.S. House passed several bills targeting human trafficking.

Missouri legislation to help human trafficking survivors

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2016 Election
9:30 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Schweich Declares He's Running For Governor

Tom Schweich
Credit Mo. State Auditor's office

Missouri state Auditor Tom Schweich appears ready to launch his expected 2016 campaign for governor.

If so, he will be the second well-known Republican to seek the job now held by Democrat Jay Nixon, who cannot seek re-election because of term limits.

Former House Speaker Catherine Hanaway declared her candidacy last year. The only announced Democrat is Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster.

Schweich’s campaign sent out a release late Tuesday saying only that he is making “a major announcement’’ at 4 p.m., Wednesday at the University of Missouri-St.Louis.

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Keith English
8:40 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Amid Anger From Colleagues, Florissant State Rep Leaves Democratic Party

Rep. Keith English of Florissant left the Democratic Party on Tuesday and announced he will serve as an independent.
Credit Jason Rosenbaum, St. Louis Public Radio

State Rep. Keith English, D-Florissant, has left the Missouri Democratic Party and is becoming an independent. He says the decision stemmed from his personal beliefs, which “do not seem welcome among current party leadership."

But some of English’s colleagues say his defection has more to do with comments he made about Michael Brown’s shooting death.

English said in a press release that the Democrats are no longer the party “of Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy.” He says he’s “leaving the party because the party left me.”

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Missouri General Assembly
5:30 pm
Tue January 27, 2015

Missouri Legislators Once Again Consider Photo-ID Mandate For Voters

Electronic voting machine
Credit (via Flickr/lowjumpingfrog)

The decade-long effort to require photo IDs in Missouri voting booths is once again under way in the General Assembly, although it’s unclear if the chances are any brighter.

State Rep. Tony Dugger, R-Hartville, is once again the chief sponsor of the two-pronged campaign to mandate government-issued photo IDs at the polls. “I am 100 percent sure that voter impersonation fraud is taking place in the state of Missouri,’’ he said a hearing Tuesday before a House committee.

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