St. Louis, MO –

In local newsrooms, reporters can for the most part sit back and watch presidential campaign season without having to cover it themselves. But what happens when one of the candidates is also a local?

KWMU's Tom Weber prepared this story for On the Media on how the St. Louis media are covering the run of the city's own Dick Gephardt.


Hazelwood, Mo. – Missouri officials are praising Ford's decision to continue operating the Hazelwood assembly plant, and are taking steps to keep other auto factories open.

Governor Bob Holden credited plant employees, company executives, and a task force he created for getting the factory off Ford's closing list, and said he's forming a similar statewide taskforce.

The automaker agreed to state and local tax incentives totaling about $17 million. Holden says the next step is to look beyond 2007.

St. Louis, MO – Cardinal-elect Rigali was in Kansas City when the pope made the announcement.

St. Louis archdiocese vicar general Monsignor Richard Stika says Rigali will be remembered in St. Louis as a strong backer of Catholic education, and for a number of other reasons:

St. Louis, MO – The study finds that out of 10 of the nation's most prosperous counties, St. Charles County ranked second in economic growth and environmental and quality of life issues.

The county ranked notably lower in access to health care for insured persons under age 65. Paul McKee with the group Partners for Progress says he believes county residents will see this data and be compelled to act on it:

St. Louis, MO – The two-story parking garage that partially collapsed this week is now officially condemned.

Anyone who regularly parks there has to make other arrangements.

There were no injuries Wednesday, but a few cars on the lower level were crushed. Officials say the structure continues to crack and is not secure. They say they're worried more of the structure could collapse at any time.

Streets surrounding the structure are closed.

St. Louis, MO – An early morning pipeline fire in Cahokia, Illinois was extinguished around 1 p.m. Friday. There were no injuries.

Lightning struck a section of pipeline at the Phillips Petroleum loading terminal shortly after 6 a.m., igniting a propane fire. Conoco Phillips spokeswoman Melissa Erker says though the fire is out, crews are still keeping watch:

(KWMU staff)

St. Louis – At the Missouri Air National Guard base in St. Louis Friday, U.S. Senator Kit Bond, R-Mo., voiced his support for President Bush's $87 billion request for Iraq reconstruction funds.

Bond said the United States needs to invest heavily in rebuilding Iraq.

The Republican said winning the peace there is key to heading off future terrorist attacks.

St. Louis, MO – The city of St. Louis has rejected a settlement offer from the federal government in a case involving city firefighters.

The deal would have promoted or paid damages to black firefighters for not getting a higher-ranking job because of their race.

The offer came after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found a department promotions test unfair to minority candidates. But the Post-Dispatch reports the city is standing by the test and would not accept the settlement.

St. Louis, MO –

The last in a series of summer concerts and street festivals takes place in downtown St. Louis tonight (Friday, Sept. 26).

The music is free and the atmosphere fun, but what organizers really want you to pay attention to is the neighborhood itself.

They're committed to getting people downtown and letting the revitalized area sell itself. As KWMU's Hillary Wicai reports, it's working one loft rental at a time.

East St. Louis, Ill. – A coroner's jury in St. Clair County Thursday ruled the death of former East St. Louis City Manager Harvey Henderson an accident.

Henderson was found under the Poplar Street Bridge after a car accident. Coroner Rick Stone called the inquest. The jury deliberated for an hour after police had testified that wind could have shifted the bridge enough to cause Henderson to lose his balance.