St. Louis Public Radio News
11:59 am
Tue March 16, 2004

Army Moving City Training Center to St. Chas. Co.

St. Louis, MO – The Army Reserve is moving its training center in St. Louis City to St. Charles County.

The medical units have been on Kingshighway (just south of Chippewa) for 51 years.

The Army says it's looking for a new site because the current building is old and has limited parking.

In all, 25 people work at the site permanently. Another 100 drill there on weekends.

City 14th Ward Alderman Stephen Gregali says he'll ask the Army to reconsider. The center is in the city's Bevo neighborhood.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
3:27 pm
Mon March 15, 2004

Metro Seeks Public Input on Rate Increase

(KWMU file photo)

St. Louis, MO – People are letting Metro know what they think of proposed rate increases.

The agency wants to raise the cost of riding a bus or Metrolink from a $1.25 to $1.50 to help balance its budget.

Officials were at the Belleville, Ill. Metrolink Station this morning (Monday) and will be there again this this afternoon from 4:00-7:30 to get thoughts from rush-hour commuters.

Other meetings are planned for Tuesday, Wednesday, and next week.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
3:23 pm
Mon March 15, 2004

IL Candidates for U.S. Senate Making Final Pitch

State Sen. Barack Obama campaigned in East St. Louis Sunday. (photo by David Katz, Obama campaign)

East St. Louis, Ill. – The 15 candidates running for Illinois' open U.S. Senate seat are campaigning for as many votes before Tuesday's primary election.

Democrat Barack Obama spoke Sunday at Mt. Zion Church in East St. Louis.

The Chicago State Senator has been leading the seven Democrats in recent polls, but many people remain undecided.

He says jobs are an important issue for all Illinoisans, but Scott Air Force Base is especially important to the Metro-East's future.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
2:49 pm
Mon March 15, 2004

Gun Rights Supporter Sues St. Louis County

St. Louis – A Missouri gun rights advocate has filed a lawsuit in favor of the state's new conceal and carry law.

Dale Schmid heads the Missouri Second Amendment Coalition. He sued St. Louis County in small claims court Monday after he was denied a permit.

Schmid says the basis of his suit is simple.

"What I want them to do is I want them to issue applications and process those applications as per the law."

Schmid says his suit is the first in support of the law.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
2:46 pm
Mon March 15, 2004

Three Flags Ceremony Marks 200 Yrs. Since La. Purchase

Lewis and Clark re-enactors rowed their keelboat replica to the Arch. (KWMU photo)

St. Louis, MO –

The flags of three nations flew above the Mississippi River Sunday.

Thousands gathered at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis to mark 200 years since the United States took control of the Louisiana Terrority from France.

The 1804 treaty was a pivotal moment in the histories of the United States, Spain, France, and also for countless American Indian Nations. KWMU's Kevin Lavery prepared this report on the legacy of the Louisiana Purchase.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
12:03 pm
Mon March 15, 2004

Bond Wants to Expand 'Parents as Teachers' Program

Sen. Kit Bond (UPI file photo)

St. Louis – Missouri Senator Kit Bond says he'll introduce legislation to expand a Missouri-based early childhood education program to more communities across the country.

Bond's legislation would expand the Parents As Teachers program, a national pre-kindergarten initiative that started in St. Louis 20 years ago.

The package includes funding for communities where English is not the primary language, and would also expand the program on military bases.

Bond's proposal would spend $500 million over three years.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
9:53 am
Mon March 15, 2004

New Nickel Debuts In St. Louis; Supplies Run Dry

Henrietta Holsman Fore, the Director of the U.S. Mint, signs rolls of new nickels Sunday in St. Louis. (UPI photo)

St. Louis, MO – Nickels with a new design will soon be in people's pockets.

The U.S. Mint publicly released the first of the coins Sunday in St. Louis.

The new nickel was part of a day-long ceremony at the Gateway Arch marking 200 years since the U.S. took control of the Louisiana Territory from France.

Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, will leave the back of the nickel for the next two years. In its place will be four different designs.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
3:45 pm
Fri March 12, 2004

MO House Passes Lawsuit Limits

Jefferson City, MO – The Missouri House sent legislation to the Senate Thursday that limits personal-injury lawsuits in Missouri.

Supporters say it will help stem the rising cost of malpractice insurance for doctors.

They the limits will help insurance companies lower their premiums, allowing doctors to continue practicing in Missouri.

Mostly Democrats opposed the bill, saying it puts a price on human life. They also questioned whether it would really lower doctors' premiums.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
3:17 pm
Fri March 12, 2004

Sales Tax Opponent Complains to State

St. Louis – An opponent of a sales tax increase in St. Louis County is filing a complaint with the state.

Voters will decide next month whether to increase the sales tax to pay for county parks.

But Activist Tom Sullivan says county officials are only presenting one side, which constitutes a campaign.

He says County Executive Charlie Dooley and Councilman Skip Mange should therefore report any spending on that campaign.

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St. Louis Public Radio News
3:00 pm
Fri March 12, 2004

Concealed Gun Opponents Ask for Rehearing

Jefferson City, MO – Opponents of Missouri's conceal and carry gun law are asking the state Supreme Court to rehear evidence in the case.

Attorneys who filed the original lawsuit want the justices to review arguments that the law makes requirements of Missouri counties without providing the funding to pay for them. Those are called unfunded mandates.

Last month the court ruled that the law was an unfunded mandate, but only in 4 counties.

A few sheriffs around the state are taking concealed gun permit applications.

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