Drew Becker | St. Louis Public Radio

Drew Becker

Production Intern

Drew is currently an intern for the St. Louis Public Radio production department. He studies audio production at Webster University and has experience in editing, recording, and producing in a diversity of media. He has played the drum set for over twelve years in a wide variety of genres and is expanding his musical ability by seeking a minor in music at Webster where he plays in jazz ensembles. In addition, he also has a minor in Japanese language.

In his free time, Drew enjoys the sport of cycling, reading novels and comics, cooking, and playing video games. He plays the drums at his church and in the near future hopes to break into the field of sound design for film and video games, but will still strive to keep his love for playing music a part of his life.

(via Flickr/Jennifer Boriss)

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the world.

It is the cause for roughly every one in four deaths, and because of this, doctors and researchers are struggling to discover early-warning symptoms and preventions.

One of the biggest problems for many suffering from heart disease is that they are not aware they have it. There are several examinations, the most common being stress tests, that can help determine how at risk a patient is for encountering a heart attack, but no such test is foolproof in diagnosing the heart condition and alerting patients of its severity.