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Emma Brown

Production Intern

Emma is the St. Louis Public Radio Production Intern for fall 2014.  She is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis where she studied film and media studies as well as writing.  She enjoys locally roasted coffee, watching standup comedy, and playing pickup soccer.

Arthur Lieber (D- Creve Coeur)
Rebecca Smith

“I’m taking donations of only $10.10 - that being the proposed new minimum wage by President Obama,” Arthur Lieber explained to “St. Louis on the Air” host Don Marsh.  “If elected, every voter in the 2nd district will have my equal attention because no one has given me more than $10.10”

Arthur Lieber (D-Creve Coeur) is running for Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District against incumbent Ann Wagner (R-Ballwin) and Bill Slantz, a Libertarian from St. Charles.   

Bill Slantz on "St. Louis on the Air"
Rebecca Smith

“Democrats and Republicans have proven over a long period of time that they look to big government to solve problems. The Libertarian Party is basically making a statement that says ‘We can solve a lot of our problems without this bureaucratic assistance,’” said Bill Slantz. 

Slantz, of St. Charles, is the Libertarian candidate vying to represent Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District. Slantz totes strong Libertarian views on most major issues. 

Ferguson Police Lt. Craig Rettke is confronted by two protestors in the middle of S. Florissant Road Sunday night.
Stephanie Lecci | St. Louis Public Radio

“We really need an investigation, not only of the death of Michael Brown but also of the treatment of peaceful protesters following the shooting,“ Margaret Huang summarized in an interview with  “St. Louis on the Air” host Don Marsh.

Margaret Huang is the deputy executive director of campaigns and programs at Amnesty International USA.  Marva Robinson was in studio as well.  She is the president of the St. Louis Chapter of The Association of Black Psychologists and licensed clinical psychologist at Preston & Associates Psychology Firm LLC.

(Courtesy: John Pizzarelli)

“It’s only had strings on it for less than 70 hours,” John Pizzarelli said of his new guitar that was made in Springfield, Missouri at Moll Custom Instruments.

Pizzarelli is a world-renowned jazz guitarist and singer. This is the latest of several guitars that Bob Moll has made for Pizzarelli over the years.

After playing live in our studio, Pizzarelli told “Cityscape” host Steve Potter, “It felt really good while I was playing it.”

(Courtesy: Julius Hunter)

“I like to think they were the darker skinned Kardashians of their era,” Julius Hunter said of Priscilla Henry and Sarah “Babe” Connor. Hunter is a longtime KMOV newsman, respected author, and St. Louis native.

(Provided by: Paula Bradshaw)

“People in America don’t understand that our monetary supply is debt based. They think it comes from taxes,” Paula Bradshaw explained. “Taxes are just the [Government’s] way of getting money back from people that’s already in circulation.”

Paula Bradshaw, an emergency room registered nurse who lives in Carbondale, is the Green Party’s candidate to represent Illinois’ 12th congressional district. It’s her second time contesting the seat. In 2012, she received nearly 6 percent of the vote.

August Jennewein

“When you go to a networking interview and a hiring manager asks you what you want to do, ‘What do you need done?’ is not a good answer,” Jim Craig explains.  But “that’s the military mentality,” he says from experience.

Craig is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and is currently an associate teaching professor and chair of the Department of Military and Veterans Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

(Rebecca Smith / St. Louis Public Radio)

Joe Passanise has entered this year’s race for St. Louis County executive as a member of the Constitution Party “with a motive of trying to make sure the public understands what government should be doing.”

Previously Passanise ran for the position as a Republican but lost to Charlie Dooley and Buzz Westfall.

“I’m not sure that either candidate, Republican or Democrat has recognized what is good governance,” Passanise told “St. Louis on the Air” host Don Marsh. He believes that good governance is about the interaction between government and its citizens.

(Courtesy Photo / Used With Permission)

Having prisoners train service dogs may seem like an unusual combination but in rural eastern Missouri, that’s exactly what’s been happening for more than a decade.

Training service dogs requires a lengthy time commitment and it can be difficult to find people that are both willing and realistically able to make it.