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Nancy Fowler is a veteran journalist with 28 years of experience in print, online and broadcast media. Her passions include the arts, social justice and the intersection of the two. She won an Emmy Award for news writing for her work at WXYZ-TV in Detroit, and received Pride St. Louis' Felton T. Day Award for service to the LGBT community as editor of the Vital Voice newspaper.

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Zoo-Museum District
5:54 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

ZMD Board Member Wants Discounts For City, County Residents At Zoo, Other Institutions

Gloria Wessels

If you live in St. Louis or St. Louis County, you may eventually be able to get discounts at local cultural institutions. That idea was floated Thursday by Zoo-Museum District board member Gloria Wessels.

City and county residents pay taxes that fund the five institutions of the district: the St. Louis Art Museum, Science Center, St. Louis Zoo, Missouri History Museum and Missouri Botanical Garden. Wessels told St. Louis Public Radio that it’s only fair that taxpayers get something for their money that visitors from other counties don’t.

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Education program continues
5:32 pm
Mon June 23, 2014

14th Street Gallery Finds New Old North St. Louis Location — For Now

William Burton Jr.
Credit Stephanie Zimmerman

The ousted 14th Street Artist Community Gallery has found a new home, just steps away from its former space and still on 14th Street.

Gallery owners have moved two doors down and across one street to 2607/09 14th St. in Old North St. Louis. The gallery, run by William Burton and Robert Ketchens, will retain its name. They plan a grand re-opening in July.

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9:17 am
Mon June 23, 2014

STL Art Game-Changers: Stan Chisholm Makes 'Weird Stuff' To Honor His Hometown

Paper plates become canvases for Stan Chisholm.
Stephanie Zimmerman | St. Louis Public Radio Intern

Stan Chisholm’s whole working-in-Styrofoam thing started with a need to keep moving.

Wood is heavy. Styrofoam is light. It can be broken into pieces and easily transported in a suitcase or even a backpack, especially important during his car-less time at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Its unconventionality also infuses a bit of dark comedy into Chisholm’s work.

“It’s kind of a parody,” Chisholm, 27, said. “I don’t know anyone who uses foam like me.”

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9:13 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

STL Art Game-Changers: Brett Williams' Sound Ideas

Brett Williams
Credit Stephanie Zimmerman | St. Louis Public Radio intern

What kind of music goes with a video of sitting on the toilet naked while eating peanut butter out of a jar? That question — back in the late 1990s — ultimately led St. Louis artist Brett Williams to the sound sculptures he creates today.

While at the School of The Art Institute in Chicago, Williams launched what he calls the Brett Commercials, a video series that includes “Brett Lives Alone,” featuring his bathroom snacking against a whistling-clanking soundtrack.

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Summer Music Camp
9:10 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

St. Louis Teens from Sudan Keep The Beat At Music Camp And At Home

David Mulat, 13, and his sister Betty,15. Betty is short for Bethlehem.
Credit Nancy Fowler | St. Louis Public Radio

Summer camp is where teenagers make friends and sometimes find their first love. It’s also a place they can improve social skills and self-esteem.

A new music day camp in St. Louis focuses on building confidence as well as musical ability. David Mulat, 13, and his sister Betty (short for Bethlehem), 15, are attending the Littlestone Summer Music Festival at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in South City on scholarships.

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Help To Soldiers Memorial
6:30 pm
Wed June 18, 2014

History Museum’s Delmar Property To Support Loop Trolley

The Missouri History Museum will lease a once controversial piece of property to the Loop trolley district.
Credit (Missouri History Museum)

The Missouri History Museum’s long-vacant Delmar Boulevard property — whose purchase contributed to the departure of former Missouri History Museum head Robert Archibald — will finally be put to use.

The Museum’s board of trustees has granted a license to use the land at 5863 Delmar to St. Louis’ Loop Trolley Development District.

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fort gondo
10:00 pm
Tue June 17, 2014

STL Art Game-Changers: Fort Gondo’s Cherokee Street Crusaders

Jessica Baran and Galen Gondolfi
Stephanie Zimmerman | St. Louis Public Radio

Making art transforms artists. It can also revolutionize the world around them. St.

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LGBT Center
1:15 pm
Fri June 13, 2014

St. Louis’ LGBT Center Set To Reopen By January With Expanded Services

Board president Dara Strickland
Credit LGBT Center

Organizers of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center of St. Louis plan to open their doors in a new spot by by Jan. 1.

They're looking to buy their own building. The wish list includes a space four times the size of the approximately 2,000 square-foot location they were renting at 4337 Manchester Ave. in The Grove.

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New Line Theatre
9:09 pm
Tue June 10, 2014

Reflection: ‘Hands On A Hardbody’ Shows It’s Not Easy Hanging Onto A Truck Or A Dream

Want to win the truck? Hold on.
Credit Provided by New Line Theatre

All that the contestants in “Hands on a Hardbody” have to do is keep their hand on a red Nissan truck longer than anybody else. The one who does that can drive it home.

It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

There’s the blazing Texas heat. The six-hour stretch between 15-minute breaks. The 144 hours without sleep. And leaning on the truck is prohibited.

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2005 Legislation
8:49 pm
Mon June 9, 2014

Zoo-Museum District Board Member Exploring Tax Dollars For African-American Institutions

Robert Powell
Credit Courtesy of Portfolio Gallery

A member of the St. Louis Zoo-Museum District board is reviving the prospect of a new subdistrict of black arts organizations.

An amendment to House Bill 186, passed by the Missouri legislature in 2005, allows the creation of the African American History Museum and Cultural District. But adding it to the ZMD would have to be approved by popular vote — and an election can cost  up to $1 million — so the issue has languished for nine years.

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