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Tim Lloyd grew up north of Kansas City and holds a masters degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Prior to joining St. Louis Public Radio, he launched digital reporting efforts for Harvest Public Media, a Corporation for Public Broadcasting funded collaboration between Midwestern NPR member stations that focuses on agriculture and food issues.  His stories have aired on a variety of stations and shows including Morning Edition, ​Marketplace, KCUR, KPR, IPR, NET, WFIU.  He won regional Edward R Murrow Awards in 2013 for Writing, Hard News and was part of the reporting team that won for Continuing Coverage.  In 2010 he received the national Debakey Journalism Award and in 2009 he won a Missouri Press Association award for Best News Feature.


5:56 pm
Sat March 2, 2013

Parents, Students, Alumni Make The Case For Cleveland

Cleveland NJROTC alumnus Lt. Col. Keith Porter makes a case for saving the school during a town hall meeting on Saturday, March, 2, 2013.
Tim Lloyd St. Louis Public Radio

A push to save Cleveland NJROTC High School continued on Saturday.  

During a public forum at Vashon High School, students, parents and alumni gave their feedback on the proposed budget for St. Louis Public Schools.  Several speakers told Superintendent Kelvin Adams that his idea to close Cleveland NJROTC is a mistake.   

Jeanette Culpepper's grandson currently attends Cleveland NJROTC and she has four nieces who graduated from the military prep school.

She said the school’s high academic standards and strict code of conduct are of great benefit to many students.  

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10:54 pm
Wed February 27, 2013

SLPS Could Close Schools, Cut Jobs

knittymarie Flickr

Flat enrollment and the lingering recession may force St. Louis Public Schools to close four of its schools.

That’s according to a 2013-14 budget proposal presented to the Special Administrative Board Wednesday night by Superintendent Kelvin Adams.

Even though four schools could be closed, the public comment period at the board meeting was full of Cleveland Junior Naval Academy students like Erik Harrison.

In full uniform, Harrison and his classmates pleaded with the board to spare the military prep school.

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3:55 pm
Wed February 27, 2013

Shipping Woes Ease On Mississippi River

(via Flickr/The Confluence)

What a difference just a few weeks makes. 

Earlier this year shippers feared that the worst drought in decades would slam the brakes on the billion dollar barge shipping industry, but recent heavy rains and snow have raised water levels on the drought starved Mississippi River.    

Even though shippers are back to carrying normal loads, American Waterways Operators spokeswoman Ann McCulluh says the industry remains anxious about the future.

“You can bet that we will be watching the forecast, watching the water levels very carefully,” McCulluh said.

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8:30 pm
Tue February 26, 2013

New Rules Would Prevent St. Louis County From Buying Clothes Made In Sweatshops

Rob Lee Flickr

The St. Louis County Council is considering changes to its purchasing procedures that would prohibit vendors from supplying it with garments made under sweatshop conditions. 

Councilman Pat Dolan said he introduced the changes during Tuesday night’s council meeting at the request of municipalities in his district.

While Dolan said he’d prefer everything bought by the county was made in America, these changes will ensure the basic civil rights of workers are being met.

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Vacant Properties
4:41 pm
Mon February 25, 2013

St. Louis County Kicks Off Effort Get Rid Of Vacant Properties

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley gets behind the controls of a backhoe at a media event to launch a new program aimed at ridding the county of vacant and abandoned properties.
Tim Lloyd St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley got behind the controls of a backhoe and started chipping away at the bombed-out looking Glasgow Village Shopping Center.

Susan Groves grew up around here and said it’s a little sad to see a part of her childhood torn down.

“But I think this is a good thing, too,” Groves said.  “This is a place for kids to come and tear things up and do things they shouldn’t be doing here.”

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6:00 am
Mon February 25, 2013

Study: 65 Percent Of Mo. Salons Would Allow A 10-Year-Old To Use A Tanning Bed

(via Flickr/theogeo)

First things first, Washington University Dermatologist, Lynn Cornelius, said anyone under 18 years old has no business using a tanning bed.  In fact, she really doesn’t like tanning beds at all, and said they’re directly linked to higher rates of skin cancer.

“It’s very similar to smoking,” Cornelius said.  “If you look at how the World Health Organization and how they classify artificial light from artificial devices, it is a group one carcinogen, which means it is the same as tobacco smoke.”

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1:40 pm
Sun February 24, 2013

McCaskill: Sequester Cuts Likely

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. in July 2011.
(via Flickr/Senator McCaskill)

Democratic Senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill, says the so-called sequester will likely go into place this Friday.

On Fox News Sunday McCaskill said the Senate will take action to avoid the spending cuts, she then pointed the finger at the House Republicans for not doing the same.

“Here’s what’s really going on," McCaskill said. "In Washington, as usual, you have a large Kabuki going on about who can get blamed. There’s no question that these cuts are going to be painful and they are thoughtless.”   

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7:09 pm
Sat February 23, 2013

Mo. Black Caucus Hosts Town Hall In North County

Members of Missouri Legislative Black Caucus field questions during a town hall meeting on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013.
Credit Tim Lloyd / St. Louis Public Radio

On Saturday afternoon the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus wrapped up the second of two forums aimed at engaging African American constituents. 

The first town hall was held in Kansas City last weekend and legislators covered a broad range of topics that included crime, education and economic development.

The event was moderated by newly elected Rep. Michael Butler, D-St. Louis, who represents a sizable chunk of St. Louis City.

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Parks and Recreation
9:55 pm
Tue February 19, 2013

Zip-Line Course Coming To Creve Coeur Park

Credit SteveR / Flickr

The St. Louis County Council has given final approval for plans to put a zip-line course in Creve Coeur Park.  

Several residents, however, told council members Tuesday night that the location of the course will disturb native bird populations and disrupt an otherwise tranquil section of the park.

Deborah Moulton said the county should have done a better job getting public input.

“We think the public has a right and a duty to come and have a conversation with you,” Moulton said.  “Right now that conversation hasn’t happened.”

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10:51 pm
Mon February 18, 2013

Educators, Law Enforcement and Elected Officials Discuss How To Curb Youth Violence

(Flickr Creative Commons User essygie)

At a community forum in north St. Louis County Monday night, elected officials, law enforcement and educators discussed ways to curb youth violence.   In short, speakers said tackling the problem will require a collective effort and include everything from affordable housing to job creation.

Even though the root causes of violence are often complex, Lt. Colonial Ken Gregory of the St. Louis County Police said fostering healthy families is where the solution starts.

“We don’t have that working for us then we have nothing,” Gregory said. 

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