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Education Reporter

Tim Lloyd grew up north of Kansas City and holds a masters degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Prior to joining St. Louis Public Radio, he launched digital reporting efforts for Harvest Public Media, a Corporation for Public Broadcasting funded collaboration between Midwestern NPR member stations that focuses on agriculture and food issues.  His stories have aired on a variety of stations and shows including Morning Edition, ​Marketplace, KCUR, KPR, IPR, NET, WFIU.  He won regional Edward R Murrow Awards in 2013 for Writing, Hard News and was part of the reporting team that won for Continuing Coverage.  In 2010 he received the national Debakey Journalism Award and in 2009 he won a Missouri Press Association award for Best News Feature.


5:01 pm
Mon December 10, 2012

East-West Gateway Hosts Meetings On Economic Development At MetroLink Stations

Credit (via Flickr/binkle_28)

For years, there’s been interest in trying to develop more housing, business and recreation around MetrLink stations in the St. Louis area.

Tuesday evening the East-West Gateway Council of Governments will begin hosting a series of community meetings to gather feedback on one such effort. 

Paul Hubbman of East West Gateway Council of Government is project manager for the study.

He says one of their goals is to understand why business development around MetroLink stations has been slow to materialize.

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Deer Hunt
2:00 pm
Sat December 8, 2012

Three Mo. State Parks Closed This Weekend For Deer Hunts

Credit (via Flickr/Robert Scoble)

This weekend hunters across Missouri have the opportunity to harvest white tail deer in three state parks, including Babler Memorial State Park in Wildwood. 

Missouri Department of Natural Resources Spokeswoman Renee Bungart says the managed hunts are a critical part of maintaining ecosystems in the parks.

“Deer over population can reduce habitat suitability for birds and other native wildlife,” Bungart says.  “They can seriously damage our rare or ecologically important native plants.”

Bungart says hunters were randomly selected by a computer drawing. 

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Clean Slate Day
1:41 pm
Sat December 8, 2012

Hundreds Line Up For ‘Clean Slate Day’ In Cahokia

Credit (via Flickr/bloomsberries)

Hundreds of St. Clair County residents lined up this morning to settle their outstanding warrants for misdemeanors and traffic violations as a part of Clean Slate Day.

The event was hosted by Power of Change Church in Cahokia.  Bishop Henry Phillips said Clean Slate Day offers a welcoming environment for people to clear up legal issues that could limit their job search.  

“Hundreds of people have come from all over the county to get their warrants dealt with simply because of the environment,” Phillips said.

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Parks and Recreation
9:10 pm
Tue December 4, 2012

Zip Line Course Could Be Coming To Greensfelder Park

Credit SteveR / Flickr

The St. Louis County Council is mulling over a plan to build an up to 10 acre zip line course above Greensfelder Park in Wildwood.   The course would be developed by Maryland based company Go Ape and includes five zip lines and around 40 treetop obstacles.

It’s estimated that the public-private project would bring in an extra $40 to $60 thousand dollars a year in revenue for the county.

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St. Charles County
11:06 pm
Mon December 3, 2012

St. Charles County Employees Could Get Raises

Credit Flickr/Rob Lee

St. Charles County Chairperson, Nancy Matheny, rattled off revenue projections then lit up when she got to the part about having enough money to give employees a raise.

“For once we’re not fighting over pennies because there aren’t enough to go around," Matheny said.  "It’s still a conservative budget, but thank goodness there’s enough to make it through and not cut services any further.”    

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12:20 pm
Sun December 2, 2012

Mo. Farm Bureau Eyes Fiscal Cliff At Annual Meeting

Credit channone / Flickr

Blake Hurst is president of the Missouri Farm Bureau, and he sounds kind of exhausted when talking about a farm bill that remains stalled in the House Agriculture Ccommittee. 

He says if lawmakers really want to slam the brakes before rolling off fiscal cliff, the farm bill is a pretty good place to start.

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12:16 pm
Sun December 2, 2012

MoDOT To Close One Lane Of Daniel Boone Bridge This Week

Credit (St. Louis Public Radio via Google Maps)

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) will shut down one lane of the eastbound I-64 Daniel Boone Missouri River Bridge this week.

The lane closure will be between 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m from Monday through Thursday.

MoDOT Spokeswoman Linda Wilson-Horn says the closure isn’t expected to have a serious impact on traffic.

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Local Food
1:57 pm
Sat December 1, 2012

New Initiative Plans To Seed Next Generation Ill. Fruit and Veggie Farmers

Credit Krossbow / Flickr

The average age of farmers in Illinois is getting older and a new program spearheaded by University of Illinois Extension aims to reverse that trend.  

The three year training program for new farmers started this morning and will focus specifically on small fruit and vegetable operations, which are generally cheaper to get off the ground as compared to commodities like corn or soybeans.

University of Illinois Crop Sciences Professor, Rick Weinzierl, says each new farmer adds another small business to the state’s economy. 

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Non-Discrimination Ordinance
11:12 pm
Tue November 27, 2012

St. Louis County Council Updates Non-Discrimination Ordinance To Include LGBT Persons

More than 90 people signed up to deliver public testimony on updates to the St. Louis County non-discrimination ordinance.
Credit Tim Lloyd / St. Louis Public Radio

Michelle Smith is transgender.

She came out early Tuesday night and was the first of 92 people who signed up to give public testimony. 

She had a steadfast delivery for the first part of her comments in favor of the ordinance.  Then Smith started thinking about her friends and her voice got a little shaky.

“I know a lot of transgender people who are scared every time they go to their job, I have a transgender friend who was fired,” Smith said.    

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Holiday Shopping
3:58 pm
Sun November 25, 2012

Retailers Kick Off The Holiday Shopping Season

Over the weekend, shoppers crowded area malls, big box stores and local businesses in search of holiday deals.

Saint Louis University Marketing Professor, James Fisher, says because the region is relatively unchallenged by another large retail market, its set up to benefit greatly from a strong holiday shopping season.

“Our isolated situation as a major metro area means that we have drawing power,” Fisher says.  “The magnitude of this consumption ritual allows us to draw people into the St. Louis market.” 

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