Zack Stovall

Development Coordinator

Zack Stovall earned a degree in political science and philosophy from Rhodes College, where he served as the humor editor for The Sou'wester, the college's student newspaper. Moving back home to Little Rock, Ark., he covered national and statewide politics for the Arkansas News Bureau as a staff writer and Web content editor. Upon moving to St. Louis, Zack began freelance and contract writing for a global manufacturing firm, small communications firms, as well as media outlets, including the St. Louis Beacon. Zack has been a guest on MSNBC, written for Memphis Magazine and has spoken on professional panels on subjects ranging from politics, new media implications on the field of journalism, and regularly writes humor articles for various outlets. Zack serves St. Louis Public Radio as a development coordinator, strategizing and facilitating membership engagement, donor relationships, and communications in the development department.

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St. Louis Public Radio’s Young Friends partnered with NPR’s Generation Listen to host a forum on the impact of community activism. It was a great opportunity for our young listeners to engage with one another, as well as the expert panel.

Larry Katzenstein
Larry Katzenstein

St. Louis Public Radio is known for bringing you beautiful classical music in the evening and around the clock on 90.7-3. But some of our board members are a little more hands on in an effort to deliver those sonorous presentations. 

Jason Rosenbaum

You listen to St. Louis Public Radio for our thorough coverage of news that matters in the region, news that helps shape your livelihood and well-being, and you rightly expect our verve to deliver this vital news to match our thoroughness.

And what better way to demonstrate this thoroughness than through a donut taste-off on National Donut Day!

On Friday, June 6, National Donut Day was celebrated fervently, with staff members bringing their favorite varieties, from bear claws to long johns, from their own favorite shops.

Mike Schrand

St. Louis Public Radio invited staff members and their Grand Center neighbors to the Community Room on the first floor to watch a live-stream of two World Cup matches featuring Team USA. Knowledgeable soccer, ahem, futbol fans among the staff were useful to explain why losing to Germany in the group stage was still a cause for celebration. Further, watching with co-workers lessened the sting of losing to Belgium in the round of 16.