67 Years Later, Cardinals Superfan Recites 1946 World Series Poem

Oct 28, 2013

When Arthur Schwartz was 10 years old his parents gave him a newspaper clipping – a poem about the 1946 World Series in which the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Boston Red Sox.

After hearing our recent program on a new book about the 1946 World Series, Schwartz contacted us about the poem he memorized as kid, 67 years ago. 

“If you ask me about my kids’ birthdays or anniversaries, that I couldn’t remember,” Schwartz said.

Listen To Schwartz Recite The Poem

An International News Service article from January 19, 1947 contained the poem, “Slaughter at the Plate.” Written by Joseph C. Farrell, actor Walter Huston delivered the poem, which mirrors “Casey at the Bat,” at the Chicago Baseball Writers’ annual dinner.

Here's Schwartz reciting the poem as he remembers it - hover over the image of the 1947 article to listen and explore: