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Akin dismisses claims he hasn't paid for TV ads

Sep 7, 2012

Republican US Senate candidate Todd Akin dismissed claims that his campaign hasn’t paid for TV ads that were set to be run.  KOMU-TV in Columbia reported Thursday that the station only received half the payment for a full week of Akin’s ads. 

When the payment ran out, the station stopped running the ads.  Super PACs and the GOP stopped the flow of cash in support of Akin after his controversial comments on rape. But in an interview Friday with BeyondNovember.org, Congressman Akin brushed aside speculation that his campaign didn’t pay because they are out of money.

"Well, it’s just not true," Akin said. "I don’t know the details, I just know there are people who handle the buy-ins and they say it’s just not true. But I don’t know the details of all the ins and outs of it."

The Congressman said he is still running ads throughout the state of Missouri, but not with KOMU-TV anymore because “they have lied.”  KOMU’s News Director, Stacey Woelfel says he stands by their story.

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