Alderman opposes a Rams sale to Limbaugh | St. Louis Public Radio

Alderman opposes a Rams sale to Limbaugh

St. Louis, MO. – A resolution will be floated Friday to the St. Louis Board of Alderman in opposition to any share of ownership of the Rams by Rush Limbaugh.

Alderman Antonio French says the controversial talk show host's inflammatory comments would reflect poorly on St. Louis.

French says Limbaugh could set back race relations in the city.

"Here in the city we have had issues in the past with racial division, and I think a lot of us have been working really hard to heal some of those wounds," French said. "I would just hate to see the presence of one very controversial individual could in any way damage any of the healing and work that we've done."

In 2003 Limbaugh made comments about black quarterback Donovan McNabb that some called racially insensitive.

ESPN later forced Limbaugh to resign.

The proposed resolution would be non-binding.