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Another outlet mall proposed for the Chesterfield Valley

Oct 6, 2011

Details of a new outlet mall in the Chesterfield Valley were released today. The Spirit of St. Louis Outlets would be located on 55 acres about four miles west of Chesterfield Commons on the south side of Interstate-64 near the Spirit Airport. Officials say the $85-million, 555,000-square-foot development would create more than 2,500 jobs and generate $265 million in annual sales.

Stephen Coslik, CEO of Woodmont Outlets, says the location is perfect – it’s underserved by outlet stores and there’s access to the interstate.

"But most of all, the property is presently zoned and it is in shovel-ready condition. Save and except our need to deliver to the city of Chesterfield construction building plans, the site is ready to go," Coslik told reporters today.

Lisa Quier Wagner of EWB Development says it would attract shoppers from as far as 150 miles away and won’t compete with the nearby Chesterfield Mall or Chesterfield Commons.

"This location at approximately six miles from full-price retail is very ideal. It creates a new destination and does not merely siphon business from the existing retail," Wagner said.

Meantime, there’s another outlet mall proposal for the Chesterfield Valley. T-O Ventures wants to build a 450,000 square-foot development north of I-64 just east of Boone’s Crossing. It’s uncertain if both projects will be approved by the city.