Arch City Radio Hour: Charflies And Guerrilla Swing Preview

Jan 6, 2014


Nick Garcia talks to the members of Charflies, a self-described "junk folk" group whose auspicious start was borne in fire in a couple of ways.  Suffice to say the name of the band has to do with a house fire which happened after their first rehearsal.  They've got a new EP out, Blowfish Rodeo, and they'll play some of those new songs live for us.  

Charflies website

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Songs performed:

"If I Had A Quarter"

"My Baby Cries When I Don't Come Home"

"Song For The Dead of Winter"

"Place In My Heart"

"Whipoorwill Holler"


Guerrilla Swing Preview

Jazz guitarist and vocalist Tommy Halloran.
Credit (Courtesy of Bill Streeter)

Jazz guitarist and vocalist Tommy Halloran has been a guest on Arch City Radio Hour in the past.  He's also one of the most prolific players in the city, seemingly playing somewhere in the area any night of the week in duos, trios and his own full-on band, Guerrilla Swing.   Tommy and Guerrilla Swing have been working on an album and we're offering a big preview of that album, "Under The Catalpa Trees".

"Walking Stick"


"Have I Got News"

"My Favorite Sin"

"Under The Catalpa Trees" Guerrilla Swing on Facebook Tommy Halloran's Reverbnation Page