Arch City Radio Hour: Cree Rider Family Band / Mr. Marcus Talks St. Louis Rap

Feb 17, 2014

Cree Rider Family Band

St. Louisan Cree Rider left St. Louis to travel a bit but came back to St. Louis.  He and vocalist Cheryl Wilson (his fiance, the "family" in "Family Band") formed the Cree Rider Family Band, a group who evokes the sound of country music and the backdrop of bars, booze and bent-but-not-broken relationships.  Cree and Cheryl talk to Nick Garcia about how they came to find their sound, about getting your songs on a cable TV show and why St. Louis is such a good place for a musician / artist to live.  They'll also brought the band to play songs from their recent album "One Night Stand" live in the studio.  This round's on us.

Songs performed:

"Kentucky Wind"

"Plain Jane"

"Break Free These Bars"

Cree Rider Family Band on Bandcamp

Cree Rider Family Band on Facebook Mr. Marcus

Mr. Marcus, who's no stranger to radio, rap, hip-hop and R&B, joins Nick Garcia to talk about what makes St. Louis a confluence for rap/hip-hop/R&B artists and presents what he thinks is the best of the current St. Louis scene.

Gangsta Gritz / "Leanin'" 

Ms. Kriss / "Call My Name"

Lil' St. Louis (with Yo Gotti) / "I Can't Cook"

Chingy / "Money Disease"

Mr. Marcus on Instagram (private account)