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Arch City Radio Hour: The Reverbs, John Maxfield And Brothers Lazaroff's Hanukkah Hullabaloo

Nov 25, 2013


John Maxfield

Nick Garcia (L) interviews John Maxfield (R) for Arch City Radio Hour.
Credit (Courtesy of Mike Schrand)
Nick Garcia talks to singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer John Maxfield about coming back from an early nearly fatal injury to becoming a full-time musician, and how he used a video to reach a wider audience and parlay that into expanding his music career.  He'll play a few new tunes from his forthcoming album.

Songs performed:

Four Shots

Silver River

Not That Kind (bonus cut on extended interview)



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Brothers Lazaroff's 3rd Annual Hanukkah Hullabaloo

David (L) and Jeff (R) Lazaroff of Brothers Lazaroff.
Credit (Courtesy of Nick Garcia)
Brothers Jeff and David Lazaroff aren't afraid explore new ground.  Their band, Brothers Lazaroff, started out in an Americana/roots vein, but over time expanded their sound to include elements of house music, hip-hop and noise while maintaining a consistent songwriting style.  Since 2011, the brothers, along with a group of family, friends, bandmates and fellow musicians, have put on an annual Hanukkah Hullabaloo.  This year, they continue that tradition on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at Plush on Locust. St. Louis Public Radio's Mike Schrand sat down and talked to them about the event. More information about the Hanukkah Hullabaloo here.

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The Reverbs

Mikey Wehling once was the de facto member / main songwriter of The Reverbs, but tells Nick Garcia the band is now a "loose democracy" and describes the evolution of the band.  He and his cohorts will serenade us with a few songs from their upcoming album, Crystal Dolphin which they're currently recording as of this writing (November 2013)

Songs Performed:

Dead Hyacinth

Skies of the World

Crystal Dolphin Water's Edge (bonus track on extended interview)



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