Arch City Radio Hour - Whiskey War Festival, Maness Brothers and Jack Grelle

Jun 24, 2013

This Arch City Radio Hour is dedicated to the Whiskey War Festival, a grass roots music festival in St. Charles that bridges the musical gap between the City and the County.  We'll talk to the founders of the festival the Maness Brothers, and to country artist Jack Grelle.  We'll also hear from a couple of the bands slated for the festival on Saturday June 29th, 2013 at VFW Post 2866 in Saint Charles.

The Maness Brothers

The Maness Brothers, founders of Whiskey War Festival.
Credit (Courtesy of Nick Garcia)

Festival founders Jake and David Maness talk about their musical garage melange and about the festival they created and what inspired them to start it.  They also blast out a few tunes, too.

Songs performed:

"Let It Roll"


"River Witch"


 Jack Grelle 

 Nick Garcia talks to country / folk artist Jack Grelle about his journey from punk to old time country music.  Jack also plays a few songs for us. 

Songs performed:


"Forgot About The Rain"

"Hard Thing To Describe"

"Simple Needs"