Are you 'in' the middle of this Venn diagram? | St. Louis Public Radio

Are you 'in' the middle of this Venn diagram?

Nov 1, 2012

St. Louis is a place of movers, shakers - and dwellers. 

According to a survey conducted earlier this year by the Regional Business Council’s Young Professionals Network, of the 1,200 survey participants, over a quarter are located in the 16-county metro region and were born and raised here. An additional 28% have spent their lives moving to and from the area.

For those of you who are 40 and under that were born and raised here, fit into any type of minority category,and now call the St Louis area home, we want to know – what’s your story?

Where did you go to school? What groups were you involved in? 

What about the city says “home” to you – and, even if you did leave for awhile, has made you want to stay?

Share your story in the comments below, tweet me @STLPR_Erin, or send an email to with the subject heading ‘Born and Raised in St Louis.’