'Ask Me Another' recorded at the Pageant airs Saturday | St. Louis Public Radio

'Ask Me Another' recorded at the Pageant airs Saturday

Jul 23, 2015

Tune in to St. Louis Public Radio at noon Saturday to hear the Ask Me Another show recorded at the Pageant in April.

You can hear Ophira Eisenberg make the obvious discovery that people in St. Louis smile more than they do in New York. The show’s local VIP is novelist Curtis Sittenfeld, the acclaimed author of “Prep,” “American Wife,” “Sisterland” and more. The last of those is set in the St. Louis area, where Sittenfeld has lived since 2007.

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The Ask Me Another episode marked Eisenberg's return to St. Louis. Last September, she hosted "The Moth" story telling event at the Sheldon and shared a revealing — and uproarious — story about a trip abroad.

Sittenfeld was the subject of a 2013 interview with Don Marsh on St. Louis on the Air. He talked with the author about her books, her experience as a St. Louis transplant and about her New York Times opinion piece, “Loving the Midwest,” which generated a lot of positive and negative comments.

You can also check out the online chat Kelsey Proud hosted around how welcoming — or not — St. Louis is to transplants.