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Audit Finds Red Flags At St. Louis County Children's Fund

Jan 7, 2013

An internal audit of an organization providing children’s services in St. Louis County has turned up a list of serious problems.

The audit of the $81 million St. Louis County Children's Service Fund details questionable relationships between the fund’s former director and some of its consultants.

The fund’s former Director Kate Tansey abruptly left the job last October. 

The audit also details issues such as misuse of purchasing cards by several employees.

Mike Jones is a top aide to St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley.  He says the county has already responded to the red flags raised in the audit.

"At no point was the integrity of the fund, or the work it's performing on behalf of the children of St. Louis County, ever compromised,” says Jones.  “So, on those two things we are reasonably satisfied."

Jones will not comment on the nature of Taney’s departure or whether she was fired.  It was later revealed that the fund was under a whistle-blower investigation by the FBI for improper financial dealings.

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