Bill Clinton stumps for Obama in Kirkwood | St. Louis Public Radio

Bill Clinton stumps for Obama in Kirkwood

St. Louis – Former President Bill Clinton says running for president is the ultimate job interview, and Democratic candidate Barack Obama is clearly the right person for the job.

Clinton spoke Monday night to an enthusiastic crowd of 2,500 in a school auditorium in the St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood. An estimated 3,500 others listened in overflow space outside of the room.

Clinton says Obama has the right policies and skills to fix the nation's financial problems, restore the American dream and improve the nation's standing in the world.

Clinton's appearance came several hours after Republican nominee John McCain made a campaign stop in St. Charles County.

McCain said Obama would raise taxes and dig American deeper into debt with new programs and spending.

Missouri is a critical swing state, and polls show Obama and McCain in a dead heat.