Blagojevich Eyes Non-Taxed Services | St. Louis Public Radio

Blagojevich Eyes Non-Taxed Services

Chicago, IL – Illinois' Governor is looking at the possibility of taxing certain services to help close a large budget gap.

More than 200 services, ranging from carpet cleaning to getting a haircut or tattoo, are now exempt from taxes in Illinois.

But Gov. Rod Blagojevich says his staff is reviewing whether to change that. He says cuts alone aren't likely to fill a nearly $5 billion dollar hole in the state

The governor says he's not enthusiastic about a service tax, but he says it's one of about a hundred options he has been presented to help balance the state budget.

Deputy Governor Doug Scofield says he doesn't think such a tax is likely. Blagojevich campaigned on a promise not to raise sales or income taxes.