Blunt gives St. Louis schools good marks | St. Louis Public Radio

Blunt gives St. Louis schools good marks

St. Louis, MO – Governor Matt Blunt says the St. Louis Public School District has made some gains in the year since the state took over.

Blunt met with his handpicked CEO of the district's Special Administrative Board -- Rick Sullivan -- Wednesday for a progress report. The governor says achievement test scores are up in some subjects but they're not as high as they need to be.

"For us to be fully satisfied it means every student is going to be succeeding in the St. Louis city school district and it's going to be a long row to hoe before we've achieved that objective," Blunt said.

A member of the elected school board, Peter Downs, says whatever progress that has been made is the result of HIS board's decisions and not those of the Special Administrative Board.