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Blunt Votes To Block Ratification Of Disability Treaty

Dec 6, 2012

Republicans in the Senate have blocked ratification of a United Nations treaty that would have helped countries protect the rights of disabled people.

Although it’s modeled after the Americans with Disabilities Act - which was passed over twenty years ago - 38 Republicans voted against the treaty.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt voted against it, and told reporters Thursday that he objected to it being brought up during the lame duck session.

“Don’t bring these treaties up when you’ve just got a whole bunch of new senators that have just been sent here by the voters," Blunt said. "I do think as you look at the disability treaty, there are more and more concerns about it.”

Among those concerns is a fear that the treaty would interfere with the ability of parents to home school their children, although the treaty could not be enforced by any U.S. courts.

Senator Claire McCaskill voted in favor of the treaty, joining her fellow Democrats and 8 Republicans. Click here to see the breakdown of how each senator voted.

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