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"Bodies" cadavers not Chinese dissidents


The organizer of a controversial science exhibit says the cadavers used in "Bodies, the Exhibition," were obtained legitimately.

Bodies features plastinated human cadavers with the skin removed.

Last June Missouri Congressman Todd Aiken re-filed legislation seeking to address concerns that executed Chinese prisoners may be used in some plastinated displays.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is requiring that Georgia-based Premier Exhibitions issue a disclaimer telling visitors the cadavers were previously the property of Chinese police.

However, Bodies Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Roy Glover assured the media that the cadavers are legitimate.

"We have gone to China; we have found a partner that we have the utmost confidence in, the integrity and honesty of our partner," Glover said. "We have sworn affidavits from our partner indicating that the bodies in the exhibition were of those of individuals who died of natural causes."

Glover said that the company uses Chinese cadavers for completely valid reasons. "The best anatomical dissectors in the world, that we can find, to prepare specimens for us, live and work there," Glover said. "We want the exhibition to be as educationally rich and as museum-quality as possible."

The exhibit opens on October 2nd and will be located in a private room at the north end of the Galleria and an adult ticket will cost $22.

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