Bond denies seeking firing of ex-U.S. Attorney | St. Louis Public Radio

Bond denies seeking firing of ex-U.S. Attorney

Sedalia, MO – Missouri U.S. Senator Kit Bond says he never sought the removal of former U.S. Attorney Todd Graves.

In Sedalia today, Bond told reporters that he asked the White House to allow Graves to stay on the job.

"Karl Rove, I believe it was, told me at the time that they had their own reasons (for firing Graves) it came as a surprise to me, and I tried to intervene on (Graves') behalf," Bond said.

Bond's comments follow the release by a U.S. House committee of Bush Administration emails as part of a probe into the firings of nine prosecutors.

An email from December 2005 by a White House aide references, quote, "Senator Bond's request regarding a replacement for the U.S. attorney."

Bond denies that he made such a request.