Bond Visits Boeing's JDAM Plant in St. Charles | St. Louis Public Radio

Bond Visits Boeing's JDAM Plant in St. Charles

St. Charles, Missouri – Republican Senator Kit Bond of Missouri has high praise for the team that produces so-called smart bombs now being used in the US led war in Iraq. Bond visited Boeing' Joint Direct Attack Munition, or JDAM, assembly plant in St. Charles Friday to thank those whom he calls the unsung heroes of the war.

Grabbing a pen, Bond wrote a personal message on a JDAM unit outfitted for a 2,000 pound bomb:

I said, 'To Saddam Hussein with very warmest wishes, Kit Bond, USS Missouri,'" Bond said. "I have the feeling that there are a lot of other messages that have been put on those, and somewhere, somehow, one of them, I trust, will be delivered.

The JDAM uses GPS technology to convert a conventional bomb into a precision weapon. Defense officials won't comment on how many have been used in the campaign against the Iraqi regime.