Bosley recall effort in court today | St. Louis Public Radio

Bosley recall effort in court today

St. Louis, MO – A judge will consider a case today (Monday) that involves an effort to recall St. Louis alderman Freeman Bosley, Sr.

At issue is whether Bosley can try to get people to take their names off petitions once they've signed them.

The group that wants Bosley out has yet to get enough valid signatures to force a recall vote, in part, because Bosley has gotten some people who signed the petition to sign a affidavit asking their name be removed.

Third ward resident sued, arguing Bosley can't do that because there's no law allowing him to. But Bosley says it's undemocratic to not let people change their minds.

The city Election Board has not been able to verify any more signatures - and won't be able to - until the matter is resolved.