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Busch Stadium Will Host Its First NCAA Football Game

Apr 15, 2013

For the first time ever, Busch Stadium will be host to an NCAA football game. The game will take place Sept. 21 with the Southeast Missouri State Redhawks playing the Salukis of Southern Illinois University.

Bill DeWitt III, President of the Cardinals, says it’s great to showcase the venue, but is a lot of work.

"Having big concerts here, and other types of sports really stretches the limits of our staff and I want to thank them in advance," DeWitt said.

Cardinals field staff will have plenty of time – about six days – to convert the baseball diamond into a usable football field. But they’ll have less than two days after the game to get it ready for when the Cardinals return to play the Nationals.

Vicki Bryant, VP of Event Services for the Cardinals, says they have taken that into account.

“We are trying to minimize the amount of the infield that is going to be affected, and so we don’t have to take out the pitcher’s mound," Bryan said.

The football field will take place mostly in the outfield.

Ticket revenues will be split up between the respective schools and the Cardinals organization, based on where the tickets are bought. Tickets will go on sale in June.

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