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Cardinals Take The Cake — Why?

Aug 21, 2014

You’ve likely seen at least one by now — fiberglass cakes scattered throughout the St. Louis region. They’re placed at notable places to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of St. Louis.

There are 251 of the 4-foot sculptures. We’ve created a map that allows you to see the cake closest to you; and we profiled one woman who’s visited every cake.

However, on Tuesday one of the most visible cakes, at Busch Stadium, went missing. Members of a Facebook group devoted to sharing their enthusiasm for STL250’s Cakeway to the West shared rumors that the St. Louis Cardinals organization took the cake to secure it from potential riots and protests in the city.

Until Tuesday, this STL250 cake resided just outside of Busch Stadium's gates.
Credit (Courtesy: Linda Gurney)

That’s not true.

Ron Watermon, vice president of communications for the St. Louis Cardinals, acknowledged that the organization moved the cake but that it had nothing to do with the potential for civil unrest.

“The cake was removed on the advice of our attorney, due to a dispute that arose between the artist and STL250. We were proud to play a part in celebrating our community’s 250th birthday,” Watermon said.

Erin Budde, volunteer executive director of STL250, said a dispute does exist between STL250 and the artist, Katherine Nelson, however Budde declined to share details.

“STL250 and the artist are in conversations about resolving the issue as soon as possible,” Budde said.

Several attempts to reach artist Katherine Nelson went unanswered. The exact location of the cake remains unknown.