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City set to mail sample ballots to voters

St. Louis, MO – St. Louis City elections officials have spent $8,000 to send a sample ballot to all 223,000 registered voters in the city.

It's the first time the city will mail out a sample ballot. In the past, voters have received a postcard that told them where to go. The new mailing also reminds voters about the state's identification law and the ban on political accessories like buttons or T-shirts that oppose or support an issue or candidate in the polling place.

"This will help lines to move more quickly if the voters are aware and have already looked at what's on the ballot and know how they're going to vote," Board of Election Commissioners chairman Carol Wilson said. The city is planning for 80 percent turnout.

"There are always sample ballots for voters to review before election night, day, but they are usually provided by political parties or political campaigns that are trying to influence you one way or another on how you cast your vote," Democratic Congressman William Lacy Clay said.

St. Louis County officials say it's too expensive to do something similar for its 715,000 voters.