Cong. Carnahan cautious about involvement in Libya | St. Louis Public Radio

Cong. Carnahan cautious about involvement in Libya

Mar 22, 2011

U.S. intervention in Libya was necessary, but exposes "obvious inconsistencies" in the country's foreign policy, says Missouri Democratic Congressman Russ Carnahan.

Carnahan says he's pleased that President Obama attempted to limit U.S. involvement in the intervention and is glad that international allies are involved.

"But I still have serious concerns, and so do a lot of the people I talk to in terms of the cost of a third war in the Middle East, on top of what we’re already doing, and the costs on our soldiers and their families," Carnahan said.

And the caveats also don't explain why the United States chose to intervene in Libya, but not other countries were civilian protestors were also killed.

"If we do this in Libya, then there’s a long list of other countries that could be potentially calling on the same kind of action. And certainly there’s a limit," Carnahan said.