Consumer advocates press Enterprise to endorse recall legislation | St. Louis Public Radio

Consumer advocates press Enterprise to endorse recall legislation

Feb 29, 2012

Consumer advocates are pressing Enterprise Rent-a-Car to support a bill to keep rental cars that are subject to federal recall off the road.

Joan Bray of the Consumers Council of Missouri says while the St. Louis-based company has agreed in principle, it should endorse a Congressional amendment named for two sisters who were killed while driving a PT Cruiser under recall.

“What they said last week is that they would support congressional oversight," Bray said. "And then they admitted that they really weren’t committing to anything specifically. So, what we’re asking them now to do is to commit to specific language. Let’s get this job done.”

Nearly 150,000 signatures have been gathered online calling on Enterprise to support the Raechel and Jacqueline Houck  Safe Rental Car Act. The amendment is part of a transportation bill in the U.S. Senate. 

Enterprise says it has changed its operating procedures to prevent unsafe vehicles from being rented or sold. In a statement the company said it supports rental car safety recall legislation, but does not endorse any specific bill.