Cool Down St. Louis nets financial assistance | St. Louis Public Radio

Cool Down St. Louis nets financial assistance

Jun 14, 2011

The organization that provides air conditioners to seniors and the disabled in St. Louis during summer months says it’s getting some financial help.

Cool Down St. Louis accepted $12,500 today from Hardee’s, Vatterott Educational Centers and the financial services company, Citi. Cool Down board chairwoman Melanie DiLeo says with another hot summer expected, they’ll need more help to prevent heat-related deaths in the region.

"What we’ve done here today is very important but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what we’re going to need this summer," DiLeo said. "I know that all of you remember last week, the heat, the oppressive heat, and it’s just the beginning."

The organization distributed 85 air conditioners during the recent heat wave. Cool Down also announced today that Vatterott will accept and repair new or slightly used air conditioners that can then be given to qualified residents.