County investigating possible HIV exposure at Normandy High School

St. Louis, MO – The St. Louis County Deparment of Health is investigating the possibility that students at Normandy High School were exposed to the virus that causes AIDS.

The department became aware that Normandy students may have been exposed to HIV during a routine follow-up investigation of someone the department knows is infected, said department director Dolores Gunn.

The investigation led to Normandy, Gunn said, but it's too early to know if the potential exposure is confined there, or even if any students were infected.

"This is the time where I would encourage especially the parents at Normandy school district, but throughout the community, to really sit down with their children and have a conversation, a very open and honest conversation with your children, about their potential risk for H-I-V," Gunn said.

The county will be offering free and confidential H-I-V testing at the high school at the end of the month. The Normandy School District would not comment.