Court Strikes Down Video Access Regulation | St. Louis Public Radio

Court Strikes Down Video Access Regulation

St. Louis, Mo. – The Eighth US Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis has ruled that a ban on the sale or rental of violent or sexually explicit video games to minors is unconstitutional.

The county enacted the ban last year but never enforced it because of legal challenges from the video game industry.

The county maintained it had a compelling interest to protect minors from such material and to give parents the power to regulate what their children watched. Patricia Redington is the St. Louis County Counselor.

"Well, I disagree with the decision, but as a lawyer I don't like to ever say a court made a bad decision," Redington said. "We think we presented case law that supported the county's right to support parents in deciding what their children would rent. I think this decision undermines parental control over their children."

The county is reviewing the decision. Redington says officials have made no decision yet whether to appeal.