Democratic state Rep. requests investigation into Akin residency | St. Louis Public Radio

Democratic state Rep. requests investigation into Akin residency

Jun 17, 2011

A Democratic state Representative from the St. Louis area has officially asked Secretary of State Robin Carnahan to investigate whether Congressman Todd Akin broke any rules by voting in Town and Country despite having an official residence in Wildwood.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported last month that despite claiming a house in Wildwood as his official address for two years, Akin voted 10 times in Town and Country, where his family had a homestead for years. The Republican Senate candidate changed his address the same day the story ran.

Representative Stacey Newman, in a letter dated June 16, has asked for an investigation into whether Akin broke state law during those ten elections. Newman is a foe of a voter ID law that Akin supports - she says the law would not prevent the kind of fraud Akin allegedly committed.

A spokeswoman for Carnahan says the Secretary of State's office will forward the complaint to the St. Louis County clerk and prosecutor, who deal with voter registration issues. Laura Egerdal says the state does not have the authority to investigate the issue.

Akin's spokesman, Steve Taylor called the allegations "baseless," saying Akin was in the process of transitioning from the Town and Country property and that until recently, his vehicles were registered at that address and all utilities were on.