Despite budget woes, Illinois gov. approves raises for himself, lawmakers

Springfield, Ill. – Even as Illinois faces a major budget deficit, Governor Pat Quinn's proposed budget includes pay raises for top state officials and lawmakers.

Quinn promised to limit his own salary to about $150,000 per year, but his budget plan lists the governor's salary at $182,000.

The plan also gives lawmakers a 2.8 percent raise.

Quinn said state law requires annual cost of living increases. Legislative pay is decided by the Compensation Review Board. Only if both chambers reject the panel's recommendation do the raises not go through. Quinn said that must change.

"I would appeal to the legislature to really take a look at the Compensation Review Board, revamp it, overhaul it entirely," Quinn said. "I don't think there should be automatic cost of living increases. I am not taking any cost of living increase. I am taking a pay reduction. I think other elected officials should strongly consider that."

The legislature has defeated past attempts to change the pay raise rules.