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E. St. Louis clubs may close earlier

St. Louis, MO – Law enforcement and citizens' groups do not want East St. Louis to be the early morning destination for St. Louis club goers.

They want night clubs in the city to close at the same time as St. Louis bars in an effort to cut down on crime.

But while several East St. Louis city council members support the idea, it's up to Mayor Alvin Parks, who acts as the city's liquor commissioner.

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois Courtney Cox says he's planning to meet with the mayor to discuss the idea.

"We hope to have that dialogue with the mayor and my invitation is still open to him to discuss this and other issues that face East St. Louis," Cox said. "I'd like to have his input and insight."

Last week Mayor Parks told the Belleville News-Democrat that the city may consider closing problem businesses early, but there were no plans for early closure at all night clubs.

Parks did not attend a press conference Thursday with members of local, state, and federal law enforcement offices and citizens' groups.