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Election Results

St. Louis – Rep. Kenny Hulshof won the Republican nomination for governor in Tuesday's primary, beating State Treasurer Sarah Steelman 49.2 percent to 44.7 percent. He will run against Democrat Jay Nixon in November.

In the race to replace Nixon as state attorney general, Democrat Chris Koster has claimed victory, and says he'll take on Republican Mike Gibbons in November. However the race was close, with Koster leading Margaret Donnelly 34.3 percent to 34.0 percent. A spokesman for Donnelly's campaign says she is not conceding and may request a recount.

Democrat Sam Page and Republican incumbent Peter Kinder won their parties' nominations for lieutenant governor in November.

Voters in the 9th Congressional District who selected Republican ballots picked Blaine Luetkemeyer from a field of five candidates to run for the seat Kenny Hulshof is leaving. Democrats chose Judy Baker from among four candidates.

The Metropolitan Sewer District bond issue passed by a 3-to-1 margin. It allows MSD to sell $275 million in bonds to fix sewer lines in St. Louis city and county to comply with the federal Clean Water Act. MSD officials have said sewer rates will still rise, but not as sharply as they would have had the measure not passed.

In St. Charles County, a $30 million bond issue for a new community fitness and aquatic center passed easily. The proposal needed 57 percent to pass, and 69 percent of voters approved it.

Election results from all contested statewide and St. Louis-area congressional and legislative races are listed below:

Aug. 5, 2008 primary results (contested races only) Race Candidates % of vote Governor - Republican Scott Long 4.7 Sarah Steelman 44.7 Kenny Hulshof 49.2 Jen Schwartze Sievers 1.4 Governor Democrat Jay Nixon 85.0 Daniel Carroll 15.0 Lieutenant Governor - Republican Peter Kinder 78.3 Paul D. Sims 14.0 Arthur Hodge Sr. 7.7 Lieutenant Governor - Democrat Sam Page 40.2 Michael E. Carter 16.3 Richard Charles Tolbert 10.4 Becky L. Plattner 12.8 Mary Williams 13.7 C. Lillian Metzger 6.5 Treasurer - Democrat Mark Powell 28.6 Clint Zweifel 31.8 Andria Danine Simckes 21.7 Charles B. Wheeler 18.0 Attorney General - Democrat Chris Koster* 34.3 Margaret Donnelly 34.0 Jeff Harris 25.0 Molly Williams 6.7 *Koster has claimed victory, but Donnelly may call for a recount. U.S. Representative District 2 - Democrat David L. Pentland 20.5 John Hogan 15.5 Mike Garman 16.0 Byron Delear 17.2 Bill Haas 30.8 U.S. Representative District 3 - Republican Chris Sander 41.7 John Wayne Tucker 31.4 Greg Zotta 13.6 Pat Ertmann 13.3 U.S. Representative District 9- Republican Bob Onder 29.0 Dan Bishir 1.6 Danielle (Danie) Moore 19.5 Brock Olivo 10.1 Blaine Luetkemeyer 39.7 U.S. Representative District 9- Democrat Steve Gaw 31.1 Judy Baker 44.1 Lyndon Bode 12.9 Ken Jacob 11.9 State Senator - District 5 Democrat Rodney Hubbard 49.5 Robin Wright-Jones 50.5 State Senator - District 7 Republican Jane Cunningham 46.3 Neal C. St. Onge 15.7 Gina Loudon 38.1 State Senator District 15 Democrat Steve Eagleton 49.8 James Trout 50.2 State Rep. District 13 Republican Chuck Gatschenberger 63.5 Kevin Kuhlmann 36.5 State Rep. District 18 Republican Anne Zerr 54.8 Matthew A. Seeds 45.2 State Rep. District 57 Democrat Joseph (Joe) Palm 36.8 Talibdin (TD) El-Amin 63.2 State Rep. District 60 Democrat Jamilah Nasheed 75.0 Kimberly Gardner 25.0 State Rep. District 61 Democrat Chris Carter 65.1 Curtis Royston III 17.0 Anthony Bell 17.9 State Rep. District 63 Democrat Tishaura O. Jones 54.0 April Harris 46.0 State Rep. District 64 Democrat Rachel Storch 82.4 Michael (Mike) Roberts Jr. 17.6 State Rep. District 65 Democrat Michele Kratky 51.8 Michael Favazza 48.2 State Rep. District 67 Democrat Mike Colona 42.7 Chad Beffa 6.1 Joan Landmann 26.5 Robert (Rob) Stelzer 22.5 Emily Jo Pierce 2.3 State Rep. District 69 Democrat Gina M. Walsh 70.2 Terry Wilson 29.8 State Rep. District 70 Democrat Sharon L. Pace 55.1 Jack Chase 44.9 State Rep. District 71 Democrat Roger Wilson 12.2 Don Calloway 51.8 Vernon Harlan 36.1 State Rep. District 72 Democrat Maria Chappelle-Nadal 80.9 Tony Condra 19.1 State Rep. District 73 Democrat Stacey Newman 40.2 Steve Brown 59.8 State Rep. District 74 Democrat Tony George 48.6 Steve Webb 51.4 State Rep. District 75 Democrat Charles Head 31.7 Bert Atkins 68.3 State Rep. District 80 Democrat Theodore (Ted) Hoskins 65.8 Brenda M. Boyd 34.2 State Rep. District 81 Democrat Rochelle Walton Gray 65.3 Donald (Don) Krank 34.7 State Rep. District 82 Republican Terrence D. (Terry) Frank 49.0 Frank Plescia 51.0 State Rep. District 85 Democrat Vicki Lorenz Englund 67.0 Ron Wagganer 33.0 State Rep. District 86 Republican Richard H. (Dick) Riley 4.8 Robin L. Harris 28.4 Dave Countie 2.3 Kyle Tate 13.0 Patrick E. Flynn 3.1 Cole McNary 48.5 State Rep. District 86 Democrat Joseph Gambino 20.2 Martha (Marty) Ott 79.8 State Rep. District 88 Republican Chris Howard 22.3 Shamed Dogan 33.4 Andrew Koenig 44.3 State Rep. District 91 Republican Joan McGivney 43.5 Randy Jotte 56.5 State Rep. District 91 Democrat Jeanne Kirkton 86.8 Katherine Bruckner 13.2 State Rep. District 92 Republican Sue Allen 69.2 Bob Tullock 30.8 State Rep. District 92 Democrat Ronica (Ronnie) Herman 60.1 William H. (Bill) Pinkston 39.9 State Rep. District 108 Democrat Jacob Hummel 86.0 Art Gansner 14.0 Metropolitan Sewer District Prop. Y YES 75.3 NO 24.7