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In Final Hours Of Session, Big Issues Still Facing Missouri Lawmakers

May 17, 2013

Leaders in the Missouri House and Senate have just one day left to reach agreement on a number of unresolved issues, including an ongoing dispute over how to control spending on state tax credits.

"There's four or five things I've promised senators that we'd get to," said Republican floor leader Ron Richard, including some form of an economic development bill.

The two chambers remain divided over the cap on historic preservation and low-income housing credits. The House has sent a proposal over to the Senate, but it's likely to fail.

Richard, meanwhile, says he he plans take one more stab at a measure that would boost the state's sales tax by one cent to fund transportation improvements. It would require a statewide vote and expire after 10 years. A group of Republicans blocked the measure on Tuesday, calling it the largest tax hike in state history.

Also pending is a measure that would change the language of the state's liquor distribution law, but Richard does not expect it to pass. Lawmakers also have to resolve a standoff with Gov. Jay Nixon over a tax break for seniors who rent their homes, and funding for several programs, including one for developmentally disabled children.

State law sets the end of the legislative session tonight at 6 p.m.

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