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First Amendment Champion John Seigenthaler In St. Louis

Nov 29, 2012

John Seigenthaler is a journalist and champion of the First Amendment.  He was previously an editor and publisher of The Tennessean in Nashville and was the founding editorial director of USA Today.  Prior, he served as a special assistant to Robert F. Kennedy during the 1960s, when Kennedy served as U.S. Attorney General. 

During his time as a special assistant, Seigenthaler was involved and injured while trying to protect some of the freedom riders in Alabama.

John Seigenthaler also founded the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University in 1991.  The Center, later renamed the John Seigenthaler Center, strives to create a national discussion about First Amendment rights and values.

Some people may remember John Seigenthaler’s son, who has the same name and was the weekend anchor of NBC Nightly News for several years.

John Seigenthaler, Sr. joined host Don Marsh for a conversation about the state of media, the reliability of internet material, including Wikipedia, and other topics.

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