Flooding on the Mississippi hits towns north of St. Louis

St. Louis, MO – River levels on the Mississippi continue to rise north of St. Louis. Forecasters are keeping a close eye on the flooding and say the river could crest next week in some cities -- such as Clarksville and Louisiana -- at the highest points since the historic 1993 floods.

The National Weather Service says an additional 1.5 to 4 inches of rain could fall on the Upper Mississippi and Missouri basins in the next few days.

The Army Corps of Engineers in St. Louis has provided more than 177-thousand sand bags to local emergency operations offices to be ready to use in flood fighting efforts.

Another casualty of the high waters -- the Great Rivers Towboat Festival in Grafton later this month has been cancelled. Organizers say the towboats will be unable to dock on the Grafton riverfront and allow fairgoers to board the boats. They say the event will NOT be rescheduled this year.