FLOTUS: New C-SPAN Series Spotlights Influence And Image Of Women In The White House

Feb 18, 2013

Presidents’ Day honors the men who have lead the United States, though it’s clear not as much is known about the women who served with them.

The first of a thirty-five part, two-season C-SPAN series, “First Ladies: Influence and Image,” premieres tonight.  The goal, according to Executive Producer Mark Farkas, is to “reveal their personal challenges, accomplishments, and failures…and to provide a window into our nation’s history and the trajectory of women in our society.”

“These women are influencing their husbands but they’re also head of the family,” Farkas told host Don Marsh.

The 90-minute programs, in partnership with the White House Historical Association, will air Monday’s beginning at 8pm CST.

Missouri’s Contributions

Two first ladies called Missouri home.

Julia Dent Grant of St. Louis spent eight years in the White House and according to Farkas, wanted her husband to run for a third term.  “She basically left the White House kicking, screaming and crying,” Farkas said.

On the other hand, Bess Truman of Independence, according to Farkas, was relieved to return to Missouri after serving four years in the White House.

With assistance from Kelsey Proud

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