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Foreclosures impacting renters, too

St. Louis, MO – Several St. Louis housing groups say homeowners are not the only ones feeling the effect of foreclosure.

Renters often get little or no warning before facing eviction when their landlord's property goes into foreclosure.

Mary Fehner is the housing counseling manager at Catholic Charities Housing Resource Center. She says sometimes renters can negotiate with new owners, but she says there should be a law.

"Having to rely on the kindness of strangers in this kind of situation is not acceptable to me, it's not acceptable to our clients, and it should not be acceptable to any reasonable person," Fehner said.

Fehner and other housing advocates are touting proposals in the Missouri House and the Senate to give renters more notice of foreclosure and time to move.

Housing advocates say it's difficult to know how many renters in the St. Louis region are affected by foreclosures, but they say they're getting more calls from people in such straits.